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Why feed your dog raw food?

Dogs are carnivores. As such, they should be eating a diet of predominantly meat.  Equally as important, it should be raw. Animals don’t cook their foods. Your dog needs raw muscle meat, organs, fatty tissue, and bones.
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Guide to Raw Feeding for Dogs

Introduction to Raw Feeding

First thing to keep in mind when starting your pet on a raw diet is to stop feeding kibble immediately as mixing kibble and raw can cause digestive issues as they digest at different rates. When deciding what meals/food to start on we recommend single species products to begin with as to easily identify allergies if problems arise, The most common allergies are beef and chicken so they are ones to watch out for.
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How much do I need to feed?

The amount of food your pet requires is typically measured by bodyweight but this can vary due to age and exercise.
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Completes or DIY?

When feeding raw the task of deciding what to feed can be daunting, It’s easy to get lost the options available and the truth is every dog is different and it’s rare to find the perfect balance on the first try. But we have some useful tips to help you find what’s best for your four-legged friend. If you decide to use complete meals these are a much simpler way of giving your dog all the nutrients they need but they’re not perfect for everyone, as mentioned every dog is different and may need slightly different amounts of bone and/or offal which is where complete meals may not be the right solution for you as they conform to the 80/10/10 ratio which is the standard guidelines which is the best starting point.
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Treat your feline friend!

Treat your cat with our tailored cat products

Shop with Raw Feed Lancs

Here at Raw Feeding Lancs we strive to bring the largest variety of options for your four legged friends to indulge in. We stock suppliers from across the country in order to make you feel spoilt for choice and ensure no pet goes hungry as there’s something for everyone.